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Just Added: Now includes dozens of legal ways to increase your disability benefits without losing your current benefits!

Dear Friend:

     If you're considering applying for Social Security Administration Disability (or especially if you're already on it), then you know the system is not all sugar and roses! 

Who qualifies?  What conditions and problems count as valid disabilities?  Who decides?  How do you apply?  How do you get the SSA disability forms you need?  Why can it take so long to get approved?  Do you really need an attorney?  How do you know if your check is right?  How does income from other sources affect your benefits?  Can you increase your benefit level?  Do you ever have to pay back disability income received?  How does it work when you're ready to transition off benefits and go back to work?

     My name is Brian Therrien, and I'm a professional researcher.  So when a number of my friends went through unexpected downturns in their life and required disability assistance, I left no stone unturned to try and help them.

   At first, I was concerned with how to qualify for disability, ... but as I learned more about the system, I realized that people also really needed help with getting approved, maximizing their benefits, and most importantly, supplementing their income without losing their benefits when they were ready to transition back to the work force. 

   That's why when you subscribe to my FREE Disability Digest you'll get concrete help with ALL the issues you'll encounter in the disability system starting with ...

"Qualifying for SSA Disability"

  • How to find out whether you qualify,  

  • Which specific conditions count (including diabetes, heart conditions, fibromyalgia, obesity, epilepsy, lower back problems, depression, anxiety, other mental disorders, etc)

  • Discover 6 Tips increase your chances of winning benefits on your own. 

  • Where to find the appropriate SSA Disability Application, and the draw backs to applying for Social Security disability online!

  • Learn the exact wording to use in your application so your disability is clearly expressed Social Security....
    (this critical you must have to make your case stand out.)  


  • Find out whether you can be approved for disability if you're already self employed and if there is anything special you need to include in your application because your self employed.

  • See whether a person collecting disability can have an ownership interest in a business!

  • Find out WHO decides what constitutes a disability

  • See how to get disability reinstated if you temporarily went
    off it and require it again.

  • How to get through financially from the time you apply until you're approved.

  • Discover how income from other sources (investments, royalty checks, spousal support, SSI, etc) affects your disability benefits

  • Find out how to apply for disability assistance for your disabled child (asthma, epilepsy, autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADD/ADHD, etc) 

  • How to hold your head high and get respect!

  • Discover if you qualify for State disability insurance.  Learn which state agency to contact to apply.

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"Once You're Getting SSA Disability Assistance, I'll Help You Be Sure You Get The Benefit Level You're Entitled To, And Show You What To Do If Your Check Is Wrong!"

    It's pretty amazing how often these checks can be incorrect, late, or lost (even when you get them direct deposited!)  It's important to know your benefit level so you're sure you're getting what you deserve:

  • See how to determine the exact benefit level you're entitled to

  • Find out ALL the benefits offered by the government for SSA disability assistance (see what benefits you might be missing out on!)

  • Find out the actual criteria the government uses to calculate
    your SSA disability benefits

  • See how long it takes to receive your SSA disability checks after you apply

  • Discover the most common reasons for SSA disability checks coming late (and what you can do about it!)

  • Learn the conditions under which your social security disability check can have funds deducted (child support, court judgments, etc)

  • See what happens when you retire, and what happens to your 
    SSA disability income when you turn 65. 

  • Find out the designated dollar amount you can earn without lowering your social security disability benefit level

  • Find out how to work part time without affecting your social security disability benefits 

  • See what percentage of your SSA disability benefits are based upon your current paycheck

  • Discover when it's possible to increase your SSA disability benefit level

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  Of course, you won't be surprised to find out that you're probably not going to be able to retire on the SSA disability check you'll receive from the government.  That's why I've spent plenty of time researching ...

"How People With Disabilities Can
Find A Job, Start A Home Business,
Or Supplement Their Income"
(Including dozens of legal ways to increase your
monthly revenue without losing your current benefits)


  • Discover 7 ways to start a business with virtually no out of pocket money, Plus how to maximize your SSA disability benefits and why its better to work for your self Vs being employed even if your employer offers great perks.

  • Find out how 86% of the people get their jobs and how to apply these tactics to score a disability friendly job.  

  • Learn how to get fair treatment in advancement and promotion issues and where the safe haven's for job seekers are. (There really are employers who know how to customize their work environment as needed, pay really good and offer great benefits!)

  • See how to get a job, supplement your income, or start a home business (without risking your current SSA disability check).  You'll learn that less than 4% of people who search for jobs on internet job boards succeed and how to find great disability resources in your Community.  

  • Find out what to do when your short term disability runs out, and how to develop a plan now so your financially prepared to go the distance till you get your SSA disability... 

  • How to work and not get shafted by SSD.  We'll teach you how to enter your current situation data into software program that creates a current situation profile informing you that you may be eligible for additional SSA disability benefits or incentives. 

  • How to get an employer to see your job skills, not your disability!  

  • Discover what the Uncle Sam (government) offers for disability benefits, there really are little known funds and grants available to help people on SSA disability start a business!

  • Find out the SSA disability benefits available for people physical and mental disabilities!  There's great training resources to help you meet others with disabilities, adapt to your disability or just get a ride to the grocery store.

  • If you're receiving SSA disability benefits, see how to be sure that it won't affect your future job earning potential!

  • Find out all about the 'ticket to work' program,  including a number of new program features and new kinds of SSA disability work incentives that definitely give benefit seekers an advantages.

  • See how to find an employer that does not exploit disabled employees

  • Find out what to do if your doctor says you CAN work, but you know you CAN'T!   (And what to do when just the opposite is true)

  • Discover how to avoid situations which will require YOU to pay back SSA disability benefits received!

  • Find out what to do if you're concerned that employers are discriminating against you due to your disability (or your experience on public assistance)

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"Find Out All About Disability Housing Too!"

    When you're really struggling, disability housing can be a Godsend. 

    I've uncovered some real secrets about where to find affordable housing on a state by state basis, ... secrets you should know!  

    I can also help you find resources to help you buy a house with bad credit and/or virtually no money down.

    But most importantly, I can help you restore your peace of mind about where you live ... and isn't that something we all deserve?

"Get Information on All the Latest
Disability Statistics and Laws"
(Including state-specific issues)

  • Find out what percentage of Americans are disabled, and what percent are in the workplace

  • The laws that govern what must be in each building

  • How you can keep your position at your job if you must be intermittently out of work due to your symptoms but don't yet have disability income

  • Rules for the handicapped ramp at the curbside

  • How to structure workman's compensation claims to minimize impact on SSDI & taxes

  • All about section 28-1-7A

  • Find out whether state benefits are tax exempt

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"See What To Do If You Get Stuck
During The Approval Process"

    Many people run into brick walls during the approval process.  It seems like all of your information should be contained in ONE location on the net ... (but remember, this is a government operation we're talking about).   Worse yet, it can be next to impossible to get the right department on the phone, and they often send you requests for information you've already given them!

    I've got info that can help ...

  • See what to do if you're denied benefits (and how to find out why this happened!)

  • Find out why it can take so long to get retroactive pay (and what you can do about it)

  • See who to contact for information and to ask questions

  • Learn when you really need an attorney to help press your 
    SSA disability case!

  • Discover what to do if you can't obtain the appropriate medical records to document your condition

  • How to get started with disability - discover the correct way of filing, where to find the forms online, what you should include in your application besides the medical info, etc.

  • Tips on how to get by financially from the time you are unable to work until the time you are granted disability assistance

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"You'll Even Get Help With The Odd Little Disability
Problems Hardly Anyone Ever Talks About"

   Things like ...

  • How to lose weight in a wheelchair

  • How to find vacation and tourism packages that cater to people with disabilities on a SSA disability budget

  • How to hold your head high and get respect while you're on SSA disability

  • What parents of disabled children need to know (how to apply, what qualifies, how to find disability activities suitable for children of all ages, etc.

  • A special section on Disability for Veterans (find out ALL the benefits you're entitled to as a veteran, how to find small business funding, loans, & grants, how to get your VA claim reviewed correctly, how to apply for VA disability after you've already been denied, how to get a VA car tag, and more!)

  • How to get a chance to prove yourself!

  • How to help your child overcome any emotional problems due to their disability

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Brian Therrien

PS - This resource really is free, and consists of dozens of articles, audio interviews, and videos of experts and resources I've hunted down for you (delivered via email, audio, regular mail, and websites).  I have sponsors who help fund this ongoing work (you'll see their advertising on my sites), and I'll occasionally recommend a paid resource if I've thoroughly reviewed it and found that it meets a specific need.

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